Automotive Spray Paint Booths

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ZPar International offers a variety of automotive paint booths and depending on your preferences, we guarantee we have a product to suit your needs. There are many paint booths of this sort currently to be had in the market. While paint booths come complete with varying features, essentially, all of them carry out their work in a more or less similar manner. Paint booths all draw fresh air into them and use intake filters, exhaust filters, and air makeup units to effectively regulate the airflow within them. What really distinguishes one paint booth from the other is the exact way it filters the air drawn into it and whether it is pressurized or not. 

Generally speaking, there are 2 major reasons why you should invest in a premium ZPar International spray booth for your automobile finishing facility. In the first place, a suitable booth will enable you to protect your shop’s paint jobs from overspray and contaminants. Secondly, these painting workstations can ensure your facility always has a safe environment for your automobile finishing operations. To this end, intake filters set to work by drawing air into the unit via a series of strategically positioned filters. Ultimately, exhaust filters expel it together with overspray, contaminants, and hazardous paint fumes out of the unit. This goes a long way in greatly minimizing the risks of fire and explosion hazards in your paint shop, and also minimizing your painters’ exposure to health risks. 

There are a wide range of automotive spray paint booth configurations on the market. The best solution for your unique needs and preferences will be dependent on a number of critical factors. This includes the exact size of your automobile shop and the exact volume of cars you need to finish on a day-to-day basis. Lastly, the right paint booth for you may depend on the size of vehicles you work on. Let’s now take a closer look at some of the most popular ZPar International automotive paint booth styles you could settle for.

Cross flow paint booths

In a crossflow spray paint booth, incoming air is introduced directly into the unit via its doors or in some cases, filtered columns positioned at the front. In the long run, this air is expelled from the booth via a series of columns that are situated at the back of the unit. The crossflow paint booth is one of the most popular varieties of these products in the automotive finishing industry for several reasons. First of all, these kinds of painting workstations may be built with lesser materials when compared to most other alternative solutions in the market. Paint booths can be built without upper plenums which are a must for other spray paint booth configurations since air is drawn from the front of the unit instead of the ceiling. 

The crossflow booth is also a very economical solution upfront in terms of meeting building codes. It does not necessitate the installation of concrete pits to function as required, which can reduce the cost of building one even more.

The Crossflow Paint Booth
Crossflow Automotive Spray Booth

Semi downdraft paint booths

The semi-downdraft spray booth sets to work in a very similar manner as the crossflow varieties. In this configuration like the crossflow variety, air is expelled from the unit at the back. However, the key difference between the two is that in the semi-downdraft booth, air is introduced into the paint booth via a section of the ceiling situated at the front. This given configuration creates a diagonal draft pattern which draws contaminants away from the car being finished. 

When it comes to the advantages of this sort of spray paint booth, it has a slight superiority over the crossflow types as the air isn’t drawn directly across the vehicle. Instead, it is drawn in a diagonal and slightly downward path. Secondly, these kinds of spray booths can be comparatively economical solutions upfront since semi down paint booths may function without concrete pits.

The Semi downdraft paint booths

Side downdraft paint booths 

The side downdraft spray booth goes to work by drawing filtered air into the unit via the ceiling and eventually vents it via the side walls of the booth. This sort of draft pattern is noted for creating airflow that is evenly relayed around the vehicle being painted. This means overspray and contaminants are drawn in a downward direction away from the finish. In turn, this fashions a cleaner environment which helps in making your paint jobs more efficient. One of the unique characteristics of the side downdraft spray paint booth is that its ceiling is completely filtered. Additionally, the whole or a large section of the unit’s walls are filtered. 

For this type of spray paint booth to be able to function as expected, upper plenums have to be installed and the side walls necessitate ductwork along with the installation exhaust fans. The overall quality of airflow in a side downdraft paint booth happens to have the advantage when contrasted to both the crossflow and semi downdraft varieties.

The Semi downdraft paint booths

Pitted downdraft paint booths

The pitted downdraft spray booth makes use of an airflow pattern that is drawn directly from the ceiling towards the unit’s floor where it is eventually expelled via concrete pits. This kind of booth is widely recognized as being the most efficient and cleanest solution for automotive finishing purposes. This is because the incoming air is effectively relayed around the car and ultimately vented underneath it. In turn, this efficiently sucks overspray and contaminants away from the finish regardless of where the painter is positioned. This means the risk of overspray and dust contaminating the paint job is substantially eliminated. Additionally, due to this, the operator is able to work in a much safer environment regardless of where he stands. 

The finishes of the pitted downdraft spray paint booth tend to be much cleaner when compared with all other alternative solutions currently to be had in the market. This can significantly minimize the need to perform buffing or corrections once the paint dries up, translating into cost savings on your shop’s operational expenses. One thing to note is that the pitted downdraft paint booth cannot function as required without the installation of concrete pits, which can make the upfront costs of constructing one substantial. 

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At Zpar International, we are proud to offer a robust variety of automotive paint booth options. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs so contact us today!

These paint booths come in a wide range of widths and depths to meet your needs.

  • UL listed tubeaxial fan and **3 phase motor with belts, pullies & sheave (fan and motor size varies by booth size)
  • All 18 gauge galvanized steel construction panels
  • 48″ 4-tube fluorescent light fixtures w/clear tempered glass in the ceiling (# varies by booth size)
  • 20″ x 20″ fiberglass exhaust filters (# varies by booth size)
  • Draft gauge
  • All hardware, fasteners, sealants
  • Assembly instructions/permit package
  • UL approved components