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A spray booth is a semi-enclosed or fully enclosed section of a manufacturing facility where fabricated items are painted. Spray booths come complete with sources of filtered air which are specifically designed to keep the painting workspace always clean and devoid of any contaminants. They also feature exhaust systems that go to work by evaporating the various solvents that are contained in paint. Lastly, a spray paint booth has a waterfall backdrop that sets to work by deterring paint overspray from contaminating the object being painted. The utilization of spray booths in manufacturing operations is highly renowned for offering a number of essential benefits.

In the first place, these specialized painting units always ensure you are able to perform your paint jobs in an extremely controlled environment. There are numerous factors that may come into play to adversely affect the overall outcomes of painting fabricated items. This can include temperature, humidity, contaminants like dust and dirt along with many other environmental conditions. With the right spray booth, you can be in a good position of circumventing all these factors and guarantee consistent and premium professional-grade paint jobs. The usage of these units as well delivers a far more efficient control of the hazardous and flammable materials which are utilized as ingredients in most industrial-grade paint. This goes a long way in substantially reducing the risks of serious health and safety concerns that are associated with the industrial painting process. All in all, a spray booth may be exactly what the doctor ordered to make sure your manufacturing facility’s paint jobs are executed faster, safer, cleaner, and at a significantly enhanced and consistent quality. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most popular spray booths Zpar International offers.

Industrial spray booths

You will always be spoilt for choices in terms of choosing the best industrial spray booths from ZPar that suits all your needs and preferences. ZPar provides a wide variety of spray booths that are specifically designed for use by manufacturers… 

These include:

Open front spray booths

The open front spray booth is a cost-effective solution which may be utilized for diverse manufacturing finishing applications. Its open front configuration is noted for enabling industrial facilities to save valuable space and can prove to be the ideal solution if your paint shop’s space is constricted.  These spray booth models come complete with exhaust filters that ensure the painting workspace remains clean and free from contaminants at all times. Also, the open front booth features high-powered fans and motors. This makes sure sufficient airflow moves all across the unit, for a much cleaner painting environment. 

Besides the open front spray booth, we offer cross flow, semi downdraft, pitted downdraft, and side downdraft solutions for industrial clients.

Open Front Paint Booth

Cross flow spray booths

A cross flow spray booth functions by directing airflow straight across the automobile being painted. The air is drawn via the main door or even filtered columns which are located at the front corners of the unit. Once the air moves to the back of the painting workspace, it is eventually expelled from the spray booth via the back wall, or alternatively, through a series of columns positioned at the unit’s rear end. The cross flow spray paint booth is currently one of the most popular models for automobile and truck makers. 

This is simply because it is the most pocket-friendly solution when it comes to compliance with codes and regulations. In such circumstances, this product is the most economical option since air is drawn into the working space from the front of the unit instead of through the ceiling. This definitely means such a spray booth can be built without an upper plenum that is always mandatory in most other solutions which are to be had in the market. In turn, this means it may be constructed with fewer materials as possible when compared with the other varieties. The cross flow booth doesn’t require any concrete work in its construction too, and can be built on pre-existing floors.

Automotive Crossflow Spray Paint Booths
Invest in high-quality paint booth filters

Semi downdraft spray booths

A semi downdraft spray paint booth operation greatly resembles that of a cross flow booth as air in it is expelled at its rear end. However, unlike the latter, the air is drawn into the unit via the ceiling. This enables it to fashion a draft pattern which moves at a diagonal from the filtered ceiling towards the exhaust area at the back of the workspace. When contrasted with cross flow booths, the airflow pattern of a semi downdraft spray booth is superior since the incoming air isn’t relayed across the automobile being painted, but rather on a diagonal, downward direction. This sort of model, like the crossflow variety, is a pocket-friendly solution as you won’t have to undertake any concrete work to install it in your automobile manufacturing shop.

Automotive Semi Downdraft Spray Paint Booths

Pitted downdraft spray booths

The pitted downdraft spray paint booth operates by drawing the incoming air straight and downwards from the ceiling towards a concrete pit that is installed beneath the working space’s floor. While it doesn’t come on the cheap, this kind of booth does deliver a number of significant benefits. First of all, this configuration facilitates the cleanest paint job experience when compared with most other alternative solutions. This is simply due to the fact that air moves around the automobile and eventually expelled underneath it. Secondly, since in a pitted downdraft spray booth overspray and contaminants are always pulled under and away from the object being painted, the risk of paint job contamination is greatly minimized. Additionally, these models of spray booths fashion an extremely safe painting environment as overspray is instantaneously relayed downwards and away from the painter regardless of the exact position of the working space he might be standing. Finally, this type of spray booth delivers the relatively cleanest finishes which often cuts down on costs in the context of minimizing buffing and corrections once the paint dries up.

Side downdraft spray booths 

In a side downdraft spray paint booth, the air is drawn from the ceiling and is ultimately dispelled through the side walls. In this particular configuration, the whole length of the ceiling is filtered, while the greater part of the walls is filtered for exhaust purposes. One of the most notable selling points of the side downdraft spray booth is it can create a much more even airflow pattern around the car being painted. While overspray and contaminants are effectively pulled downwards and away from the finish, which ensures better paint job outcomes. Another key advantage of this model is it completely does away with the need to install concrete pits.

Outdoor spray booths 

Our outdoor spray booths may prove to be the most suitable solution should you be short of sufficient space, but still wish to expand your manufacturing facility’s industrial painting capabilities. An outdoor spray booth will be just what you need to free up your facility’s existing physical space and establish a number of extra work bays. Our outdoor booths are completely weatherproof and are built with double walls of internally-reinforced and insulated steel.

Industrial spray booths

You will always be spoilt for choices in terms of choosing the best industrial spray booths from ZPar that suits all your needs and preferences.

Industrial Booth

Spray booth accessories

Apart from our various spray booth offerings, we offer a variety of accessories for these products of the highest quality and made available at very competitive pricing. This can include intake and exhausts filters, energy-efficient, direct-fired makeup air heaters, control panels, and boost lifts.


Motors: Are Open Drip Proof 3 phase 208-240/480 volt 60hz. unless specified differently.

Spray Booth Dimensions: Are width x depth x height O.D. Inside depth is less nominal fan dimension and 6”.

Spray Booth Lighting: All lights are 120-volt fluorescent open type exterior mounted. (less tubes) Lighting may be ordered in vapor tight enclosures. Vapor tight lights are rated as class 1 division 2 hazardous location.

Freight: All items, including each spray booth, are un-crated knocked down, dis-assembled. ZPar International accepts no responsibility for loss and or damages to products shipped from ZPar International unless products are shipped freight prepaid by ZPar International.

Panels: Are 18 ga. galvanized steel with 2” flanges. All flanges are precision punched 6” on center and joined together with nuts and bolts.

Specifications: All specifications, data and prices on this site are subject to change without notice or warning.

Enclosed spray booths include: Light fixtures, fan, motor, belts, pulley, manometer, intake and exhaust filters, wire grids, door safety latches, caulking, handles, door gaskets, light gaskets, nuts and bolts, hardware and plans.

Open face spray booths include: Light fixtures, fan, motor, belts, pulley, manometer, exhaust filters, wire grids, light gaskets, caulking, nuts and bolts, hardware and plans.

Limitations of liability: Any liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. ZPar International liability in all events is limited to, and shall not exceed, the replacement price of the part.

Product suitability: Many states and localities have codes and regulations governing sales, construction, installation and/or use of products, including spray booths, for certain purposes, which may vary from those in neighboring areas. While ZPar International attempts to assure that its products comply with such codes, it cannot guarantee compliance and cannot be responsible for how the product is installed or used. Before the purchase and use of a product please review the product application and national and local codes and regulations to be sure that the spray booth product installation and use will comply with them.

Limited Warranty: All products sold are warranted by ZPar International only to purchasers for use in the business of original equipment manufacturing against defects in workmanship or materials under normal use for one year after the date of purchase form ZPar International unless otherwise stated. Any part which is determined by ZPar International to be defective in material or workmanship and returned to ZPar International as ZPar International line designates, freight pre-paid will be as the exclusive remedy repaired or replaced at ZPar International option.


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