Clean Rooms Contaminant-Free

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Contaminant-Free Environments

GFS Clean Room Brochure

Zpar International is proud to partner with premier brands like Global Finishing Solutions to bring you top-quality clean rooms .

GFS clean rooms comply with International Fire Code, Uniform Fire Code UFC – Articles 79 & 80 and National Fire Protection Association Fire Code NFPA 30 Flammable and Combustible Liquids.


  • 2” thick 3-ply sandwich wall panel system with Dual skin insulated panel construction.
  • The ceiling will be provided with solid panels, light panels with lights and tubes.
  • The filtered air recirculation plenum provides evenly distributed air at a low velocity.
  • Structural steel frames for supporting HVAC units and conveyor systems.

air quality

  • Effectively isolates the room from the external factory environment.
  • Recirculated air supplied to room will be forced to the return air plenums; this air will have sufficient velocity to inhibit incoming factory air.
  • The factory air will be captured by the filter plenums, through the air handler, and filtered a second time as it is returned to the room.
  • Operations can continue without large temperature swings and outside contaminant that may affect production.