Cross Flow Paint Booth

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A cross-flow paint booth, also known as a cross draft paint booth, is one of the most popular options. These booths provide a high-quality finish by allowing air to go across the object being painted, hence their name. They don’t take up excessive space or require extra construction, making them more affordable than other booths.

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ZPar International is a leading manufacturer of a variety of top-quality standard and customized paint booth solutions including the open front sort. We also offer first-rate powder coating solutions, abrasive blasting equipment and accessories and more. Give us a call today.

How Do They Work?

The industrial cross flow paint booth was developed to allow for a clean painting environment that ultimately produces a high quality finish. The clean environment is established by the addition of a filtered front product door that captures floating debris before it enters into the clean painting area.

Air comes in through the front filtered doors on the booth and is drawn through the filter bank at the back of the spray booth. The filter bank captures the spray particulate and the remaining air is vented to the atmosphere.

Also available are many options to enhance your booth purchase. Options include a third party booth listing, air makeup units, listed control panels, air replacement units, powder coating, conveyor openings, crane slot, bifold doors, trifold doors and drive thru product doors.

Sanding and Finishing

When it comes to finishing a product, it is important to know there aren’t any foreign particulates in the air. The particles produced from sanding are large, and cross-flow paint booths have greater airflow to force the particles through the filters. No one likes to pick out clumps of anything out from under a fresh coat of paint. Cross-flow paint booths also guarantee a high-quality finish without huge investments.

Benefits of Cross-Flow Paint Booths

Easy to Install

The booths don’t require additional concrete construction during installation and are easy to install. They are nut & bolt assembly required units. Paint booth sizes vary in width, depth and height all of which are customizable to meet your production needs. It takes little time for our professional installation team to set up and get you going.

Accommodates Your Workspace

The booths are flexible, so you can make them as small or large as you wish. You can extend their length, height, and width to suit your needs. Cross-flow paint booths can accommodate a large variety of vehicles, including large trucks and even airplanes. 


These booths have a simple design that reduces the acquisition cost without compromising quality. They don’t have the complex working parts that can blow the price.

Easy to Maintain and Operate

These booths are easy to repair and maintain. They don’t need expensive spare parts for replacements in case of technical problems. Also, a local professional can easily handle most repairs without needing a specialist to fly in. After everything is set up, you can operate the booth effectively after a little education.

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The cross-flow spray booth is a simple booth that will help you finish your paint job without compromising quality. While paints may harm your health, environment, and the ecosystem at large, a cross-flow paint booth is fully enclosed to prevent environmental degradation. On top of that, they are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

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