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Zpar provides the mechanical assembly of the supplied items purchased. Including nut & bolt assembly, seal and standard anchoring. Our team comes fully insured with general liability coverage and workers compensation. Being properly insured adds a level of confidence to any project. Sadly many install crews do not have general liability or workers comp insurance. With the never ending battle to lower prices many crews attempt to avoid workers comp by paying their installers as 1099 contract workers. This simply passes the risk on to the GC or customer should anyone get injured. The Zpar team carries OSHA 10 certificates and OSHA certificates for any lift equipment we operate. The team has a certified welder and all team members are documented citizens. They will perform a laser level assembly and can provide all of their own lift equipment if so necessary. We even have the ability to offer startup & training services. Zpar also has the ability to assign a project manager to the project for those critical deadline jobs. The Zpar team travels with all their own tools and covers the entire US. All of this puts the Zpar installation team several notches above most competitors.

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Preventative Maintenance

* roof access required
  • changing exhaust and intake filters (using customer supplied filters)
  • cleaning the accessible interior of the exhaust plenum
  • caulking seams where existing caulking has cracked or fallen out
  • Fix and add foam seal at doors
  • check door latches for tightness
  • changing the belts on the exhaust fan (using customer supplied belts or will secure locally)
  • check exhaust and blower belt tension for proper deflection
  • cleaning the fan blades (as long as there is an access door above the fan)
  • cutting in an access door would be an additional charge. (T&M)
  • cleaning the damper cap (so long as there is roof access and the pitch allows a ladder. Duct termination 6′)
  • checking the manometer and resetting as necessary
  • making sure lights are sealed
  • changing burnt out light bulbs in light fixtures (using customer supplied bulbs)
  • tightening any loose nuts & bolts on the booth
  • includes travel time to and from job site
  • does not include paint removal from walls or floor
  • does not include booth coat removal or application
  • excludes necessary lift equipment (2ea scissor lifts required)

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