Abrasive Blast Reclaim Systems

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The main expense related to an abrasive blast system is the reclaim system. As a customer you need to ask yourself to what extent am I willing to be involved with reclaiming media. Simply put the more you spend on a reclaim system the less labor intensive for media clean up. It is unfortunate to put it this way but why hide the truth. When purchasing an abrasive blast system understanding several factors will aid in determining the optimal level of reclaim. These factors include items such as media type, number of blasters, production rate, part size, room size, ability to do concrete work, etc. It is a hearty discussion that is needed to understand your needs and then make the best decision given this information and available budget.

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There are several types of abrasive blast reclaim systems available and all should be considered before making the final call. When you call to discuss your plans prepare to spend some time breaking things down. In the end we want you to have a system that will work for many years to come.