Batch Powder Booths

The powder coating process may be performed in diverse different ways. However, the exact efficiency of a powder booth will always be partly dependent on the production process you eventually pick and partly on the kinds of substrates you want to finish. There are 2 main options you could choose from when it comes to a powder coating production process. These are the batch powder booth and the automated powder booth solutions. Naturally, there isn’t one production that fits all solutions in the context of powder coating. It is always wise to make sure you ultimately pick the ideal unit that can meet all your unique needs and preferences to a T. It is essential to point out that both batch and automated units come complete with a distinctive set of pros and cons. So depending on your exact requirements, you will be able to select the right solution for you.

What is a batch powder booth?

The term batch powder booth primarily refers to a powder coating system in which the substrates are prepared, undergo coating, and cured in batches of multiple parts. This is usually a manual process where the paint operators process from dozens up to hundreds of substrates simultaneously. The parts tend to be hung on metallic rolling racks that enable the former to be processed all through the different stages of the powder coating operation.

What are the key benefits of picking a batch powder booth?

Batch powder booths are better suited for executing both small and large powder coating applications. They are as well noted for their capability to make efficient and cost-effective utilization of a paint job shop’s available floor space. They can as well be configured to comfortably process both small and large substrates. Also, when compared to the automated varieties, a batch powder unit can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of production lines. This is simply because they are usually freestanding and can be effortlessly configured to finish big numbers of parts in multiple batches. Lastly, these sorts of powder coating booths tend to cost much less upfront than the automated units since they lack automatic powder guns and conveyor systems.

Let us now take a look at the various factors to consider when choosing a batch powder booth for your paint facility.


As with all paint booths, your batch powder unit must be sufficiently large to comfortably accommodate the biggest batch of substrates your paint operators finish on a regular basis.

This will enable you to meet your paint shop’s throughput requirements. In some situations, your unit may need to be bigger should your team have to process big products.

Alternatively, it may be much smaller if you need to finish multiple diminutive batches of substrates prior to curing them in a single large batch.

Either way, you will need a unit which is sufficiently big to accommodate all your parts. While also providing sufficient space for your paint operators to move about freely and carry out their tasks more efficiently. This is also the case for the exact racks you are going to be using in your batch powder booth.

RTT Engineering Solutions Batch Cure Brochure

RTT Engineering Solutions Batch Powder Brochure

GFS Powder Booths

It is highly recommended that you ensure your facility has enough floor space to enable you to integrate the ideal-sized batch powder booth in it. The typical footprint of powder booths tends to be the same as their listed interior dimensions. However, there are a number of factors you will need to keep in mind as you pick the size of your unit. All booths feature at least a single exhaust chamber, which can be integrated, attached, or freestanding that houses filters and exhaust fan systems.

Depending on the configuration you choose, you may need to add between 4” to 5” of depth if the exhaust chamber is fixed at the rear of the unit. Additionally, you may need to add an extra 4” to 5” to its width if one wall features an exhaust fan or 8” to 10” if both walls have integrated exhaust fans. Besides the overall exterior dimensions of your batch powder booth, it is advisable to add at least 3” of clearance space around it to ensure the installation and maintenance processes are more affordable. While also making sure that your unit fully complies with the local building codes and regulations in the area you operate in at the moment you install it.

Consider setting up staging areas around your powder coating equipment

A staging area happens to be a special space that is primarily utilized to store the racks and substrates as they are passed through the 3 different stages of the powder coating process (pretreatment, finishing, and curing). This staging area needs to be sufficiently big to be able to comfortably accommodate no less than one large batch of parts at a time. In other circumstances, a 2nd staging area installed between the powder coating booth and the curing oven might be necessary.

Typically, in many batch coating operations, finished substrates are moved immediately to the curing oven. When the finishing throughput happens to be very high or when the substrates require long dwell-time in the curing oven, it can be convenient to install a second staging area. Here you will be able to store all previously finished parts away from your shop’s traffic prior to introducing them into the curing oven. It is always critical to make sure that cured products are staged away from the pretreatment area and the powder coating booth. Doing this goes a long way in preventing any accidental contamination of their powder-coated finishes before they cool down and harden completely. 

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