Outdoor Paint Booths

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There are a number of very good reasons why you might invest in an outdoor paint booth for your manufacturing or commercial facility. For instance, you may be planning for an expansion of your shop’s operations, but unfortunately lack the necessary extra indoor space to add a traditional spray booth in it. In such circumstances, you should not let your facility’s limited indoor space deter you from accessing the many benefits of growing and expanding your business operations and productivity. This is where an outdoor spray paint booth comes into play to help you circumvent such restrictions. In essence, this variety of painting workstations is a freestanding structure which you may either attach or detach from your shop’s existing space. Best of all, an outdoor paint booth comes complete with the same features and functionalities as those of indoor units. This includes the same mechanicals and paint mixing rooms. The only difference is that an outdoor booth is built or installed outdoors, but it can still provide the selfsame ultra-clean and controlled environment where your painters may carry out professional paint jobs with improved efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

Since an outdoor spray booth is located outside in the elements, ZPar International intentionally designs and engineers such products with a special emphasis on using construction materials that help resist prolonged exposure to harsh weather and climate conditions. This may include rain, high winds, snow, or even sleet. These sorts of paint booths feature a number of reinforcements to ensure they are rugged and durable in order to offer many years of continuous service. This includes internally reinforced double doors, insulated steel walls, strengthened joints, strengthened support beams, strengthened hinges, strengthened latches and so on. ZPar International takes great pride in providing premium outdoor spray paint booth workstations that are currently without equal in the global market. So, depending on exactly where your facility is located and the prevailing weather and climatic conditions, we can design and construct for you the right outdoor paint booth to deliver the necessary protection against the forces of the elements.

What are the different outdoor paint booth configuration options you get to choose from?

Typically, there are 3 main outdoor spray booth configurations you can choose from, which are the side enclosure, rear enclosure, and drive-thru configurations. The first of which will permit you to install side-mounted mechanicals (control systems, lighting, fans, filters, and heating systems) at the floor level. 

Alternatively, you might opt to build an attached paint mixing room that is adjacent to the spray paint booth itself. This way, your operators will be able to mix paint, carry out paint jobs or even service or change your unit’s airflow filters from one convenient and self-contained outdoor structure.

On the other hand, you may opt for the rear enclosure outdoor paint booth configuration. In this given scenario, the mechanicals and enclosure will be constructed at the back of the unit. This will provide you with a weathertight and controlled environment where you can install your booth’s air makeup unit. Also, it will offer you easy and hassle-free access to service or change the critical components of your spray booth via an integrated access door that is located on one side. Lastly, there is the drive-thru outdoor spray paint booth option that can help you limit the exposure of the products you paint to contaminants as they wait their turn to enter the spray booth. 

A drive-thru unit makes it infinitely convenient to move your products and their various parts from the preparation area to the booth and in the long run to the parking lot as finished products.

Outdoor Paint Booths

What are the advantages of building a custom outdoor paint booth?

Generally speaking, one of the key advantages of constructing an outdoor paint booth in your manufacturing or commercial facility is its unparalleled cost-effectiveness. This is particularly the case if you are seriously planning on expanding your shop’s operations, but lack the necessary indoor space to do so. As such, when you finally make up your mind to carry out an expansion to your facility, there are a couple of factors you will need to review carefully. This may include the budget you are working with and the various unique needs and preferences for a spray paint booth in your shop. More often than not, you might find that it is cheaper to make an extension to your shop internally than if you built an additional freestanding booth. However, while the upfront cost of building an outdoor spray booth may be substantial, it will still be more cost-effective when it comes to the improvements to your shop’s efficiency and productivity it will ultimately deliver in the long term. 

Outdoor paint booths are well noted for their unmatched flexibility and versatility in terms of significantly boosting the quality and efficiency of professional paint jobs. These painting workstations are specifically designed to adequately accommodate the varying conditions of businesses whose spaces have unique and constricted layouts. With its incredible space-saving characteristics, an outdoor spray paint booth will enable you to expand your facility’s paint operations even when it is not practical to do so internally. So, even if the neighboring properties restrict the indoor space available in your shop or you simply lack the square footage to carry out an expansion, an outdoor paint booth can still be a viable and immensely practical solution. The finest products of this kind are not only weatherproof, but can be stackable in a variety of different configuration options. For example, you may decide to stack the paint mixing room overhead, add a second work bay on the side or even settle for a drive-thru configuration. 

Outdoor Paint Booths

Depending on the exact volume of paint jobs your facility executes on a day-to-day basis, ZPar International has an outdoor spray paint booth configuration that will work well for you. We offer a wide variety of additional custom paint booth solutions that you can view here.

Ask us about our engineered standalone outdoor paint booths. For many companies, indoor space is limited and that is where a standalone outdoor blast booth might be your best solution.

Zpar International is proud to partner with premier brands like Global Finishing Solutions to bring you top-quality outdoor paint booths. GFS outdoor booths are engineered and designed to meet all seismic and wind loads for the area in which they are installed.

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