Semi Downdraft Paint Booths

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Semi-Downdraft Paint Booths: Uses & Benefits

To be honest, semi-downdraft paint booths are probably the most commonly purchased paint booth we design and sell. This paint booth offers a ton of flexibility for the customer in both functionality and in cost. The semi-downdraft paint booth operates similar to a cross-flow paint booth but with the clean air benefits of a downdraft. Similar to a downdraft, this paint booth can be purchased either pressurized or unpressurized.

A great feature is that this booth comes with an intake plenum so that heated makeup air can be added at a later date without expensive upgrades or modifications to the paint booth. Air enters into this booth through the top intake plenum pulling air from the upper parts of the shop and then drawn down over the product and out the back wall. 

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Additional options include air makeup units, powder coating, third party booth listing, listed controls, crane slot, conveyor opening, bifold doors, trifold doors and drive thru product doors.

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What Is a Semi-downdraft Spray Booth?

The semi-downdraft paint booth is a hybrid model and a preferred choice since it has the features of both crossdraft and side-draft paint booths. It works like a crossdraft booth but brings the incoming air through a small ceiling section and creates diagonal patterns.

The semi-downdraft paint booth pulls air through the front and pushes it to the rear. The process enables air to flow via the length and then hit the exhaust system. This feature of the semi-downdraft booth makes it an excellent choice for industrial and automotive painting.

Specialties of Semi-downdraft Paint Booths

These spray booths are a popular choice since the air flow creates a diagonal pattern. The credit goes to the intake filters and exhaust filter system. Also, you can expect add-on features when having this type of paint booth. A few options are an air makeup unit, actuated doors, a conveyor system, and built-in rails.

Due to the diagonal air floor, semi-downdraft paint booths improve control and efficiency. You will also find it more economical than other spray paint booths. One of the reasons behind the affordability is they require no concrete flooring.

Uses of the Semi-downdraft Paint Booths

The semi-downdraft paint booths are the best option for larger equipment. The higher airflow feature of this booth makes it an efficient choice for large equipment. You can use a semi-downdraft paint booth for aircraft, forklifts, trailers, RVs, and other heavy equipment.

Pros of the Semi-downdraft Paint Booths

The main benefit of this paint booth is the diagonal airflow. The airflow pattern makes it more effective than its competitors. It draws the contaminant away and makes the procedure safe for workers and the environment. Besides, it is economical since it requires no construction adjustments.

Cons of the Semi-downdraft Paint Booths

Many prefer the semi-downdraft for its diagonal pattern, however, the downward diagonal airflow might create a dead zone where no airflow can reach, especially the front end. Also, it can collect contaminants and lay them on the finish when the overspray swirls up in inaccessible areas.

Semi-downdraft paint booths offer an economical solution and avoid structural adjustments. You can choose this option for large and heavy equipment when you are trying to limit any additional expenses on the structure.


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Large Equipment Brochure