Abrasive Blasting Booths

Keith Zralka

Owner & Operator

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Abrasive blasting is the process of propelling a select media at high pressure at a surface at which a desired finished profile is needed. This profile is what is required so that powder and wet paint coatings can adhere. Abrasive blasting achieves a specific profile by using a combination of media types and pressures. Ultimately the blasted product is then coated whether with wet paint or a powder so that the product isn’t exposed to elements, leaving a protective finish.


Our expertly designed abrasive blasting booths not only prep your surface for professional painting or spray booth process, but also can be customized to include dust reclaim and collection systems. These systems are implemented to improve your workspace and the longevity of your abrasive blast booth.

Abrasive Blast Booth with Dust Collection
Primoris Custom Abrasive Blasting Booth with Reclaim System for sale
Custom Abrasive Blast Booth Interior with Reclaim System