What is Powder Coating?

The act of powder coating is to apply organic powder to metal using electrostatic attraction, and the powder is then heated to create a smooth, hard finish.

Powder coating can be done to various materials ranging from wood to metal to plastics, with a range of colors and textures. In fact, go and check the appliances at your house; they will have powder coating on them as well.

The process has grown to be quite popular since its introduction around 40 years ago. Still, thanks to the technological advancements, the process can now give you better performance – another reason for its continuous growth.

The Evolution of Powder Coating

As mentioned above, you can actually see powder coating in your daily life without realizing it. All the appliances, from kitchen mixers to your doors, have powder coating on them, which concludes that it is durable.

The powder coating comes in a large variety of colors and finishes – it all depends on the need of the application. Furthermore, the process is also cost-effective as it produces significantly less waste. 

And due to the significantly less waste along with it being performed in a sealed environment, the risk of air pollution is highly reduced. This is a great advantage as people are now more aware and looking for sustainable ways to go about with things. After all, it is a must that we find sustainable processes.

How does powder coating work?

Before the start of the process, the workpieces are cleaned and pre-treated (hence the step called surface pre-treatment) to get rid of its dust, dirt and grease. Once done, the workpieces are dried as it is necessary before moving on to the application of the powder. 

A strict pre-treatment is carried out so that the powder coating is done correctly and there are no paint detachments or craters in the paint layer. 

The next steps involve the powder being applied to the workpieces.

Depending upon the application, it is either sprayed or dipped into a fluid with particles of suspended powder. 

After the powder, the workpiece is placed in an oven where it is heated to cause the particles to melt and merge. The merge is usually thick but can be thin as well. 

Which industries use powder coating?

Various industries use this process, including household appliances, farm equipment, outdoor furniture, signs, aviation, etc. 

The architecture and construction market has been turning its way to powder coating thanks to its wide range of offerings and techniques. Examples include stadiums, fences, poles, windows, doors, and so on.

You can find the process done on automotive items as well, such as on wheels and public transportation vehicles. 

The popular powder coating technique is used increasingly in many more industries.

Where to find good quality powder coating services

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