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Zpar International paint booths are made for automotive, industrial, aerospace, marine industries and more.

Full Turn-key Paint Booth Installation

Zpar International specializes in designing the right paint booth for your specific finishing needs.

We have many manufacturing resources which allow us to choose the best fit for the job. While many paint booth needs can be addressed with stock configurations we also excel in the design of unique or individualized paint booth applications.

As a licensed contractor in the state of Oregon we can assist in the full turnkey installation. Outside of Oregon our contractor expertise allows us to integrate with your subcontractor team acting as an invaluable resource for all aspects. So much so that many consider it a turnkey process even without boots on the ground.

Call us today and start designing your paint booth system today.

Advantages & Uses of Paint Booths

Paint booths play a critical role in the finishing processes in almost every industry; Automotive, industrial, aerospace, marine, and more. Paint booths are a valued and needed asset in order to provide exceptional products to your own customers.

Zpar’s paint booths come equipped with exhaust fans, classified lighting fixtures, and exhaust filters that collect overspray before the air is discharged to the atmosphere.

We can also provide heated and cooled air make-up systems. When the finishing requirements get very particular, we can even assist in providing make up air that is fully climate-controlled including raising or lowering humidity levels.

Any paint booth from a reputable manufacturer should meet OSHA, NFPA, UFC, IFC and air quality district requirements.

Vehicle in Paint Booth, prepped for spray painting Vehicle in Paint Booth, prepped for spray painting

Inside the Paint Booth

Paint booths are a fixed ventilated enclosure, designed to comply with applicable national and local codes such as NFPA 33. A paint booth is almost always found when a paint application exits wet, electrostatically, dry or even via robotics.

Paint booths are usually installed within a facility, but many times can be designed to be outdoor paint booths, as standalone units.  One common misperception is that paint booths reduce or eliminate VOCs and that is not true. However, VOC reduction or elimination can be incorporated into a paint booth. Ultimately a well-designed paint booth is to provide a safe and effective environment for which a painter can complete their task.

What are some other advantages of using a paint booth?

  • Provide a safe environment to work in while spraying volatile coatings.
  • Clean environment so that what is being coated doesn’t get contaminated.
  • Paint booth law compliant to local and national requirements.
  • Clean air compliant

Paint Booth Designs & Customization

There are many variations in designs for paint booth. Each design has its own purpose that makes it a suitable candidate our individual clients. Factors to consider when designing a booth include; coating, product, finish and production rate.

Through our discussions we can help you determine what paint booth design is the best fit.

Here are several of the different paint booth designs available: