Paint Booth Accessories

Must-Have Paint Booth Accessories

There are numerous ways you can cut down the operational costs of your paint booth, boost its productivity and efficiency, and even improve the overall quality of its paint jobs. There are also ingenious means of boosting your unit’s output and streamlining most of its operations. Should you wish to access all these value-added benefits, you should consider investing in more upgrades for your unit. Here then are some of the must-have spray booth accessories you can use to access all the above boons.

Mixing rooms

There is always a potent risk of accidental fires and explosion hazards, particularly when you decide to store your paint, primers, glazes along with other flammable materials within your unit. Also, it becomes so hard to get rid of spills that are splattered all over your booth’s floor during paint mixing operations. 

When you invest in a separate paint mixing room, you will be able to create a dedicated and hazard-free space to mix and store paint utilized in your spray paint booth unit. The best products of this sort out there come complete with in-built ventilation systems that can effectively eliminate toxic chemicals and compounds, which are invariably released in the air when mixing paint. This is not only good for the operational efficiency of your unit, but also protects your paint operators from serious health risks over time

Energy-efficient LED lighting

Chances are your paint booth was probably delivered with in-built lighting. Yet, most in-built illumination solutions are not very efficient in many situations. This is especially the case if your facility carries out paint jobs which demand a high level of precision. This is where energy-efficient LED lighting solutions come into the picture. You will always be spoilt for choices when it comes to picking the right solution for your unique needs and preferences.

LED lighting

Lay-in LED panels come complete in slim designs and are suited for either heated or even unheated units. These lighting solutions are well noted for greatly minimizing a spray booth unit’s energy utilization. This will enable you to make significant cost reductions on your shop’s overall energy needs. The finest LED lighting comes with a prolonged shelf life and some may deliver runtimes of up to 60,000 hours. This is more than 6 years of illumination even if you leave the lighting on 24/7.

Air makeup units

Air makeup units 

Air makeup units set to work by maintaining ideal air pressure in spray booths. They function by replacing the air that is expelled from your unit during its various operations. Air makeup units balance air pressure by automatically introducing into a booth the suitable amount of fresh air which is equal to the amount of used air that is dispelled in the unit. This naturally makes them a more efficient air pressure management solution upon comparison to ordinary HVAC systems. Even better, these spray paint booth accessories are heated. This ensures quicker finishing times, effective temperature regulation for curing processes, and the elimination of airborne particles and contaminants within your unit.

Easy-to-clean coatings

Easy-to-clean coatings 

Eliminating overspray that gets splattered on your paint booth floor, walls, and even ceiling will enable it to operate at peak performance. This is often a daunting and time-intensive task. Nevertheless, there are now innovative solutions which can help you meet this critical need. There are water-based sprays which form films over walls and can restore the new-like looks in booths that have accumulated extensive overspray stains with the passage of time. Once these protective films are worn out, they may be effortlessly peeled off and replaced. 

The airflow in your spray booth must always be as clean as possible to prevent contaminants from marring the overall quality of your paint jobs. These products can be what you need to prolong the lifespan of your unit’s air filters and keep its fans clean at all times. There are also special floor mats that are designed to capture dirt, dust, and overspray to prevent such contaminants from getting into your booth’s airflow.

Heat reclaim systems

Heat reclaim devices are not the suitable solution for every single spray paint booth in the market. However, they can prove to be invaluable in specific circumstances like operations in more colder regions. As they are designed to maximize heat efficiency, paint shops with big finishing systems may immensely reduce their overall operational costs with these devices over time.

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