How to Find the Right Industrial Spray Booth for You


The fast-paced world requires every job and task to be done as efficiently and swiftly as possible. Many industries are emerging and developing rapidly to keep up the pace of increasing competition. It is necessary that industries make use of efficient and time-reducing machines and techniques to increase their productivity and create a safer environment for the working personnel. 

When it comes to industrial finishing systems, industrial spray booths and paint booths have proved to be an excellent tool for increasing efficiency as well as making paint applications safe for the workers.

What is an Industrial Spray Booth?

An industrial spray booth or a paint booth is an enclosed area that is power ventilated and connected to exhaust, inside which a paint operation can be carried out without being affected by the outside environment. Moreover, the paint particles, fumes, and residues are contained within the enclosure to create a clean environment for the workers.

It is widely used in all industries that carry out extensive painting and coating; in fact, it is illegal to carry out a painting process without using a paint booth. Some of the industries where a paint booth is used as an industrial finishing system are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Industrial goods manufacturing
  • Furniture and woodworking industries
  • Construction businesses

Benefits of Using a Spray Booth

Using an appropriate industrial finishing system is mandatory for all industries. Operating without one can lead to severe consequences, even closing off the industry. Using a spray booth to carry out the painting process is very useful. Here are some of the benefits of using a paint booth in an industry:

  1. Although a paint booth is enclosed, there is a window provided for viewing the entire painting process, and you can carry it out accordingly.
  2. The working environment becomes less hazardous for the workers as paint releases lots of fumes and residual particles, which can create serious health issues for the workers. Using a paint booth traps all of these fumes and discards them through a proper ventilation and exhaust system.
  3. The object undergoing the painting process will not be affected by dust particles in the outside environment, so impeccable painting is possible.
  4. Control of overspray is another excellent benefit of using a spray booth as the excess paint particles will be confined, and objects in the near vicinity of the painting process will not be affected.
  5. A properly controlled environment can be provided for painting; a paint booth has a controlled humidity level, temperature, and other factors that can result in effective, immaculate, and long-lasting coating on the object.

Different Industrial Spray Booths

Industrial spray booths are of different configurations depending on their use and the airflow design it is built with. At Zpar, each industrial spray booth is one of its kind and can be customized to the tiniest detail so that it will fit perfectly to your needs and requirements. The paint booth can be built with a conveyor system if the existing industry has a conveyor system for its products. The booth can have an opening for the object to be transferred or placed manually or through a crane; the possibilities are endless. 

The four main types of industrial spray booths are:

Cross Flow Paint Booth

In this type, air enters the booth through the front of the paint booth or through an intake chamber with filters to trap out dust and residues. The air that enters the chamber exits it through the exhaust at the backside of the booth after moving parallel to the product to be painted. The air velocity is kept uniform through exhaust and intake filters.

Crossflow paint booths help to achieve a high quality finished product while keeping the environment clean.
The booths are popular because of their easy nut and bolt installation.
Filters at the front intake and back exhaust help to keep the air clean inside and outside the booth.
Many add-ons can be included like a bi-fold door, crane slot, air replacement units, trifold doors, conveyor openings, etc. to increase efficiency. This spray booth can be built to any size and can be completely customized.

Side Downdraft Paint Booth:

In the side downdraft paint booth, the air enters through a ceiling with a filter attached to it and then flows downwards towards the product and then leaves the enclosure through floor level exhaust placed on both sides of the booth. The air velocity is maintained through exhaust and intake filter layouts.

It is an economical solution for those industries that do not want or cannot install a proper exhaust system.
Filters attached at the exhaust helps to trap all paint fumes and residue and keep the environment clean.
Additional units can easily be attached to the side downdraft spray booth making it a convenient option.

Automotive Downdraft Paint Booth:

The airflow in this type of paint booth is from the ceiling to the floor. The ceiling has filters to clean the air before it enters the booth; the exhaust air is directed through an exhaust stack and into the atmosphere.


  • This configuration allows for multiple exhaust options that can be chosen according to the industry requirements.
  • The air in the surrounding remains clean, and purified air enters the chamber to ensure proper coating.
  • This spray booth can easily be customized according to the requirements of the buyer.

Semi Downdraft Paint Booth:

It is the most popular type of paint booth purchased by industries as it is a hybrid of both the downdraft and cross draft booths. In this type of booth, the air enters through the ceiling after being filtered, moves across the product, and then leaves the chamber through a filtered exhaust at the back of the booth.


  • It purifies the air much better than the other spray booth types.
  • It is very flexible in terms of its price and features and is, therefore, a popular choice among industries.
  • It can be customized as per the customer requirements, and many more additional features can easily be included and attached to this paint booth.

It’s clear that not all jobs and industries have the same needs when it comes to spray booths. With this wide variety of options on the market, we understand it can be daunting to know where to start. That’s why at Zpar International, we are here to discuss your needs and help you every step of the way to ensure a quality finished product and a happy customer. Give us a call today at 503-778-0212!