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Keith Zralka of Zpar International

Keith Zralka

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“If you are looking for a quality product with unmatched customer service, then you have come to the right spot.”

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There is no pressure or stress when it comes to getting assistance on your paint booth or finishing system design.

Part of our expert assistance includes a detailed quote so that you can fully understand what you are purchasing. We want to design a system that works best for you and your budget.

Our job is to be the expert. To be an expert, one must have experienced all aspects of the process including design, sales and installation.  As a licensed contractor we understand not only the equipment we sell but what it will take to complete a successful installation.  At ZPar International, we have had lots of hands on experience in everything from designing spray booths, putting the equipment together, to walking the permits into a building department, and then running the items upon startup.

Yes, there are a lot of folks out there selling spray booths, conveyor systems, and other finishing system equipment. But you are about to make a substantial purchase for your business and your goal should be to make the purchase right the first time. We are here to provide full support for you, architects, subcontractors and the employees who will use the equipment on a daily basis.

Take the time to speak with us to learn how we can partner with you to make your business choices the best for today and tomorrow.