Client Success Story: Rimex

Client: Rimex
Specialty/Type of Business: Manufacturer of wheels for large earthmoving equipment
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Project: Conveyor System
Budget: Over $1,000,000

Scope: This was a very unique project given the size and weight of the part needing finishing. It was a unique design build requiring the expertise of a few different companies. Rimex brought Zpar International in to help with the design and build of this unique finishing system.

Challenge: Rimex wanted a more efficient way to get their 5-ton steel wheel projects from build to finish, on the truck to customers in a quicker period of time.

Solution: Create a 5-unit system, running through multiple stages that are all timed, computerized and synchronized. Blasting was the first step via the use of an existing automated blast machine. Zpar International conveyed the product through a multistep coating process. We worked with a conveyor firm from North Carolina, who came up with a cart where we could put the 5-ton wheel right on top. When the conveyor system moves, all doors open, and it moves to the next piece. There are alarms, timers, and a clock inside that lets the workers know how much longer they have to complete their task before the system moves forward.

Success Benchmarks: Zpar International was able to speed up the production process of the wheels for Rimex from start to finish. Whereas previously, they had to put the product into various build and assembly stages, Zpar International’s conveyor system cut down on hours and stages, therefore assisting Rimex with increasing efficiency as well as volume in a shorter period of time. The conveyor system has been operational now for about 2 years and has been working fantastic so far.