photo12 Client: Pierce Pacific Manufacturing
Specialty/Type of Business: Manufacturer of custom excavator attachments for the forestry industry tree removal equipment
Location: Portland, OR
Project: Outdoor abrasive blast booth
Budget: $350,000

Scope: Provide a custom area for the client to do their outdoor abrasive blasting. Design, fabricate and install a custom standalone enclosure for abrasive blasting.

Challenge: They were renting space for abrasive blasting with an adjacent building. The building went up for sale, sold, and they lost their ability to do abrasive blasting in that shared space. They needed somewhere to go in a relatively quick time. Additional challenge was to create a piece of equipment that could meet their abrasive blast needs.

Solution: We came up with a design for a full standalone outdoor engineered abrasive blast booth, on an existing concrete slab that the client had. We worked up a design, manufactured and engineered it, and got it approved by the city of Portland. I was the general contractor to devise the design of the enclosure and oversee all subcontractors. We built a fully standalone outdoor abrasive blast with storage facilities, containment, dust collection, everything. The
the project involved full plummeting engineering concrete, electrical plumbing, installation, basically the full scale from beginning to end.


IMG_1929 IMG_1775

Success Benchmarks: It’s something that we have never built before, an outdoor abrasive blast. To date, nobody in this industry has done that. We now have the ability to come up with a unique individual design and apply it. We’ve done these multiple times now, including in Georgia, Illinois and Oregon.