Cannabis Extraction Booths: 101

Cannabis Extraction Booths: 101

Choosing the right extraction booth for cannabis extraction can bring your business to the next level. The creative approach to cannabis extraction is growing as the hype around the cannabis industry continues to rise. And while the cultivation of the marijuana plant is not a modern activity, access to conventional equipment allows a more efficient, accurate, and overall business growth. 

Let us help you understand the technologies around the cannabis extraction booth, which we are proud to offer our customers here at Zpar International. 

C1D1 Booth: Cannabis Extraction Safety 

C1D1 booths are fully customized for the extraction of contaminants. Cannabis extraction booths utilize LED lights, dimmable lights, and explosion-proof lights depending on different models. There is much need for an explosion-proof extraction booth while extracting cannabinoids from cannabis because of the solvents used in this process being highly volatile.

Zpar-drying-units In this method, the flower is placed in the solvent, which removes all the cannabinoids. The solvent is then drained, and the flower is removed, which leaves behind cannabinoids in the form of either wax or distillate. 

Cannabis extraction is quite a delicate process and needs an area that is explosion-proof and contains explosion-proof components. These labs should be compatible with CO2, hydrocarbon, and ethanol, butane, pentane, or propane that involves at least seven layers of safety.


These extraction booths are used for:

  • Solvent Extraction
  • Solvent Distillation
  • Marijuana Oil Extraction
  • Plant Extraction
  • Cannabis Oil Extraction
  • Chemical Synthesis

C1D1 extraction booths are furnished for any extraction process. Whether you need it for a small scale or a full industrial job, they can aid you with maximum productivity. C1D1 booths are certified extraction booths for CBD extracts, essential oil extracts, or food extracts. These Hydroponic systems can also be added to an existing room or area. Building a C1D1 booth also involves live gas detection, zero inflammation points, ventilation to extend gas volumes at the amount generated by the machines within and fire-removing materials to avoid an accident.

These industrial extraction booths and cultivation rooms are available with complete industrial equipment and design in custom sizes. Great focus on effective operation and services should be maintained to allow lower maintenance cost and longevity of equipment. 

Cleanroom Technology

Cleanroom technology is used for the precise control of air quality, humidity and temperature systems and facilities. Usually, cleanrooms are linked to the manufacturing sector of pharmaceuticals and high tech electronics. Ultimately, the goal is to regulate pollution in the environment. They are built for filtering out toxic vapors, bacteria, pollen, and other environmental pollutants. 

Although the final configuration depends significantly on the industry, most cleanrooms have common procedures to enforce effective control over air quality. Standard features include airlock entry for access to the workers and a provision for all staff to wear safety garments. These activities include the safety of the workers as well as the security of the product.

Application of Cleanroom Technology for the Cannabis Industry

Cleanroom technology is a need for the cannabis industry, too. Before going to market, all cannabis products must be rigorously checked. New Oregon law should be looked at to see how strict supervision from start to finish of contaminants can protect seeds, goods, and the bottom line of business. The state has established a national network of approved cannabis laboratories, testing and verifying the strength of products for 59 illegal pesticides. 

Cannabis extraction booths are designed for ventilation, temperature, humidity levels and more. This pre-existing environmental protection scheme is only focused on shifting towards cleanroom technologies.

The Importance of Industrial Finishing Systems

We all know that an efficient, safe and hygienic environment is a critical part of any production process. Special flooring and wall solutions are designed to accommodate anything thrown at or fallen on them. With the correct floor and wall framework, the productivity does not necessarily increase, but the safety is enhanced. The wrong floor or wall will be an unwanted annoyance, which can affect your business adversely.


The industrial and manufacturing businesses need metal finishing equipment for better results, quality and performance. Industrial finishing systems place a great deal of demand on pieces of equipment and want to make sure that you have reliable machines which will never break down.

These industrial finishing systems can be used in all industries and manufacturing sectors that also include extraction booths for efficient, reliable metal cleaning, planning and finishing. Advanced equipment for these systems include:

  • Vibratory cleaning
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Drying and heating
  • Washing 

Cannabis Extraction Equipment 

With the diversity in the cannabis industry itself, types of cannabis extraction equipment also come in various forms depending on what type of cannabis extraction to undertake. This equipment includes:

Hydrocarbon cannabis extraction equipment: Closed-loop mines for small, medium and large scale marijuana and hemp production are developed for the use of hydrocarbon solvents (butane or propane). Each output is fitted with on-demand heating and cooling, offering optimum power and operating convenience for a varied variety of production systems.

The Ethanol-cannabis extraction: The closely-looped extractors, with ethanol solvents, are ideal for extracting marijuana and hemp in mid- to large-scale environments. Units are designed to provide optimum stability and running ease for a variety of items, including on-demand heating and cooling.

The Industrial cannabis extraction equipment: As both marijuana and hemp sectors continue to grow, they face rising demand for high-quality THC as well as CBD oil from producers and processors, thus optimizing domestic production. In particular for automation, continuous flow, and large flows, the need was created for scaled industrial processing with efficient, permanent feed extraction and after-processing technologies.

There are a variety of equipment and technology used in extraction booths for cannabis extraction businesses depending on what type of extraction you are going for. At Zpar International, you can customize your cannabis extraction booth using C1D1 or C1D2, cleanroom technology and customized industrial finishing systems along with the equipment according to your own specifications. We’re here to help equip you with an extraction booth that satisfies your needs!