Advancements in Powder Coating Technology

Advancements in Powder Coating Technology

Powder coating is widely considered to be a more sustainable solution in diverse industrial coating applications the world over. Granted, it is primarily utilized in the coating of metallic products. However, over the years, there have been many efforts made to develop curing processes which allow applying powder coats to a variety of temperature-sensitive objects, including wood and plastic. Also, the growth witnessed in the manufacturing and construction sectors has created newer and exciting opportunities for this solution. The same is also true when it comes to growing demand among end-users for more sustainable coating processes. To this end, the various players in the powder coating industry, including raw material suppliers and coating formulators, are increasingly focusing on introducing new innovations.

These innovations can enable powder coats to be manufactured and applied to various substrates more efficiently and in a hassle-free manner, not to mention introducing technologies that can demonstrate enhanced performance and a wider range of applications. Powder coating has long been regarded as a viable alternative to solvent-borne coatings due to a number of different factors, including unmatched efficiency, top-notch performance, and more importantly, environmental friendliness. As such, this solution has a great potential of effectively addressing ever-present issues in the context of cost, and manufacturing efficiencies are now driving the technologies being studied or released in the market. Here then are some of the key advancement drivers in the powder coating field in recent years.

drivers of powder coating innovations

Recent drivers of powder coating innovations

Alternatively, the key drivers of powder coating technologies are the ever-increasing demand for a more sustainable coating solution and the kind of performance enhancements that clients are clamoring for. One fine instance of the recent advancements made in powder coating technology are compact systems that promise a greater reduction of cost in terms of quicker curing times, dual-layering functionalities, or even dry-on-dry curing.

At the same time, there are now newer and more advanced technologies that permit powder coating to be applied to materials such as wood and MDF. On the other hand, there are yet others which are specifically designed to help in improving corrosion protection for metallic substrates. Also, the significant reductions made in baking temperatures equate to powder coats being used on more materials. Its utilization also results in decreased energy consumption, and the absence of VOCs in its formulation. This definitely makes powder coating a much more sustainable option when compared to liquid-based coating and even anodizing.
advancements gained in powder coating technology

Recent advancements gained in powder coating technology

Generally speaking, there have been numerous advances in technological innovations in the powder coating field that make it a more attractive solution for different applications. In the first place, there is the cross-linked resin technology which has contributed to significant improvements in powder coating’s hardness, along with chemical resistance. There are, as well, bonded metallic coats that offer a more distinctive and high-quality finish.

Other notable innovative technologies include sprayable thermoplastic coats, which allow applying extremely durable thermoplastic onto a wide variety of coaters. All these innovations are now being applied advantageously in diverse sectors including the agriculture, architectural, transportation, construction, and heavy-duty truck industries to mention just a few.

On the flip side, there have been great advances realized in the formulation of corrosion control powder coating, which has started meeting customers’ demands for improvement. This is a field that holds much promise for even further advancements. To this end, many raw material suppliers are increasingly studying just how they can develop newer strategies and products that address this particular requirement. Lastly, the capability to manufacture weather-resistant powder coating solutions is yet another critical advancement that has gained a lot of traction in recent years. This is especially the case in its ability to mimic anodizing finishes, less the various issues that are associated with anodizing processes.

Smart powder coating
Smart powder coating Ideally, the smart powder coating concept involves developing coats that can respond to specific external stimuli in an infinitely more controllable way. Some of the most prominent examples of these technologies include active anti-corrosion protection primers, anti-microbial coats, low solar absorption coats, and so on. Another desirable instance of smart powder coating technology is the anti-graffiti coats that make the surface much easier to clean and, thereby, protect a wide range of substrates.
This may include signs, public areas, indoor and outdoor recreational equipment to name but a few. Other significant advances in smart powder coating are nano-composite coats, which are meant to react only with liquid hydrocarbons.
Hyper-durable powder coating

Hyper-durable powder coating

Yet another field in the powder coating sphere that has witnessed advancements are the hyper-durable coats, which are currently the most long lasting weather-resistant solution on the market. Hyper-durable powder coats’ formulation utilizes the same chemistry as liquid PVDF coats, which is a pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer, and delivers a 10-year outdoor performance even in the most stringent weathering tests.

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