Abrasive Blast Dust Collection System

Keith Zralka

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Zpar International doesn’t just offer automotive paint booths. In addition to these products and more, we offer quality abrasive blast dust collection systems across the nation. Our nationally sold reclaim systems provide better visibility in your work space, and improved longevity for your custom abrasive blast booths. Our specialty reclaim systems are fitted within our enclosures such as rooms or cabinets.

One of the largest components to evaluate when it comes to abrasive blasting is the media recovery system for your abrasive blast booth. Yes, there are folks that simply blast to waste or shovel recovery, but most of them can attest that it is very time consuming and labor intensive. If investing in a quality abrasive blast enclosure, it makes sense to consider some sort of reclaim system.

Abrasive blast reclaim systems vary based upon the type of media, production rates, number of blasters and budget. Light weight media can sometimes be economically recovered with pneumatic systems. Heavier media needs sweeps or screw drives to propel media back into the recovery chute. Screw recovery systems can also be beneficial on light weight media when fast recovery is needed.

In addition to the type of recovery, there is also the pattern or extent of recovery. This can range from some sweep in pans or chutes to full floor recovery systems. Truly when it comes to recovery many factors need to be discussed to assure the best design is applied.

Blast Booth Dust Collection
Blast Booth Dust Collection with high quality filters from https://www.donaldson.com


In general, abrasive blast dust reclaim systems for blast booths can include:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Storage Hoppers
  • Powerful Dust Collection
    • Allows for better air quality and is better for environment restrictions
    • Increases longevity of equipment
  • Adjustive Separators that allow for several types of blasted media

To see some of these blast efficiency solutions in action, check out this article.